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At Sato Pharmaceutical, our range of Japanese whitening skincare products,
pills and supplements can be taken to combat sun damage, reduce wrinkles and
provide the essential vitamins for skin health.


Let’s be real: we all have a specific skin woe that we are particularly conscious of – be it dull skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or anything in between. And the unfortunate truth is that taking care of problematic skin is not just as easy as jumping on any and every cult product. For many of us, it is a tedious and lengthy process of trial and error.

Plus, it could be more than a mere surface-level concern that topical skincare can solve alone. All these fuel the need for a more holistic, well-rounded approach to beauty, where topical products are complemented with a well-regimented diet and possibly, beauty supplements too.

Now, Let’s Talk Supplements

There is a huge variety of beauty supplements in Singapore – you would have heard of them in commercials and seen them all over the internet. However, supplements, like any other skincare product, are not created equal. Given that the benefits of supplements vary widely and no single product works for everyone, choosing the right one that addresses your unique skin concern is imperative.

But in a world where we are bombarded with information equivalent to thousands of newspapers daily, it can feel overwhelming – particularly for individuals who have not dabbled in beauty supplements all that much.

If you find yourself getting caught in that “where do I begin?” situation, our advice is to start with ample research. When it comes to skincare, knowledge is indeed power. Having a robust understanding of each product can empower you to make the best choice for your skin, and ultimately, achieve the best result possible.

To help you out in this quest, we have segregated the products under our Hakubi range based on specific skin goals to bring more personalised recommendations to you. If you had your eyes on these supplements that Japanese beauty experts have returned to time and time again, read on to find the right product for yourself.

For Visibly Fairer Skin

We will set the record straight: your skin tone does not determine your beauty. However, skin issues such as dark spots, severe pigmentations and discolouration can make your skin appear dull, uneven and dark – so here is where our Japanese whitening products (Hakubi White C Tablets and Hakubi White C Drink) come in.

Formulated with ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 – powerful ingredients that work to promote active skin regeneration and reduce uneven skin pigmentation – Hakubi White C Tablets and White C Drink can help you improve your overall complexion and achieve fairer-looking skin.

For Clear, Blemish-Free Skin

Does your skin feel rough and bumpy to the touch? This could be a result of a combination of factors, such as dead skin cell buildup and other environmental stressors like sun exposure.

Thankfully, with Hakubi B Tablets, you need not make expensive laser treatment a monthly affair. It is infused with Coix seed extract, an ingredient that holds a reputation for solving skin conditions like textured skin, to help you achieve moist, supple and baby-smooth complexion.

For Glowing Radiant Skin

On the lookout for the perfect skin-glowing product? Hakubi Collagen Drink and Hakubi Collagen Tablets might just be what you are looking for!

The protein that keeps your skin elastic, smooth and hydrated, collagen is crucial for maintaining strong, firm, healthy and radiant skin. Collagen production inevitably slows down as you age, but you can boost it with Hakubi Collagen Drink and Hakubi Collagen Tablets. What’s more, not only do the Hakubi Collagen Drink and Hakubi Collagen Tablets contain collagen, they also contain Vitamin B and C to boost your overall skin health.

Achieve Your Skincare Goals With Supplements that Fit Your Specific Needs

Every skincare routine should be personalised based on your needs and goals. Find the products and ingredients that are right for your skin, and you will attain the results you want in no time.

If fair, blemish-free and glowing skin is what you are after, the supplements mentioned above could just be the missing piece to your skincare puzzle.