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At Sato Pharmaceutical, our range of Japanese whitening skincare products,
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Coix seeds. They sound like something you would find in a traditional Italian pantry. However, these cream-coloured textured seed is actually something most Singaporeans would have come across in supermarkets and medicinal halls. And they hide unique properties that promote a multitude of skin benefits.

What are they exactly?

Better known as Job’s tears or Chinese Pearl Barley, coix seeds are commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to Chinese physicians, the herbs are useful in clearing heat and expelling dampness and have many benefits for skin or beauty purposes.

In Japan, coix seeds are revered as the secret to timeless beauty. They are used in many Japanese supplements designed for promoting skin virality.

How To Use Coix Seeds

Coix seeds is an all-natural ingredient that can be ingested safely or applied on the skin, producing amazing results. Across Asia, it can be found in dried form and cooked as a grain like cereal.

Lightly sweet and slightly gritty, this medicinal herb can be used in cold desserts or boiled soups. You can also stir-fry them with meat and vegetables.

Due to its many healing properties, you’ll also find coix seed extract in many skin and health products around the world.

How Coix Seeds Improve Skin Health

Coix seeds contain proteolytic enzymes that help soften the keratin layers of the skin, resulting in a baby smooth appearance.

Apart from making the skin smoother, coix seeds also contain properties that control acne breakouts and sebum production. They reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and can also moisturise the skin.

These hard-shelled granules work by strengthening the spleen, which is regarded as a driver for good skin health. A cooling herb, coix seeds expels excess heat and soothes ailments such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. You can even use them to remove water retention.

Reap The Beauty Benefits of Coix Seeds

With Sato Pharmaceuticals, your skin can easily reap the benefits of coix seeds through a series of convenient products.

Coix seeds are high in Vitamin B3, also known as niacin. This nutrient aids in skin brightening and evens out the complexion. It is also rich in peptides to firm the skin and prevent premature signs of ageing. This is why coix seeds are frequently seen in mask sheets.

Additionally, the herb is also widely used for skin conditioning and cleansing, keeping the skin well-balanced and delivering antioxidants and moisture throughout the day.

Our Hakubi Collagen DrinkHakubi B Tablets and Bihaku Vitamins from Japan all contain coix seed extract which helps to improve skin regeneration and radiance.

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Taking Sato Pharmaceuticals supplements allow you to live your life freely and without making big lifestyle changes. Conveniently packed in pill or bottle form, you can bring them to work, outdoors, or anywhere you want.

Apart from products with coix seed extract, you can also find other beauty and healthcare supplements such as the Japanese Hakubi Collagen Tablets which keeps your skin elastic and bouncy. Or opt for the Hakubi White C tablets which contain L-cysteine and Vitamin C for enhanced skin whitening and Vitamin B6 for a flawless appearance.

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