• Fortified with Vitamin B2, active Vitamin B6 and coix seed nad is highly effective for rough skin.
  • For acne and stomatitis, one dose of 2 tablets a day is effective.

BIHAKU – Vitamins Supplement for Acne Treatment

Active Ingredients (per 2 tablets): Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 30mg, Pyridoxal Phosphate (Active Vitamin B6) 20mg, Nicotinamide 30mg, Biotin 30µg, Coix Seed Dried Extract 184.6mg (2,400mg as Coix Seed)

Indications: Rough skin, Vitamin B2, B6 supplement for physical fatigue during pregnancy or lactation, during and after illness.

Dosage: Adults (15 years and older): 1-2 tablets at a time; 7-14 years: 1 tablet at a time, once daily.