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What Makes Dorama-Neo Eye Drops One of the Best-Selling Japanese Eye Drops for Red or Irritated Eyes?

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In the battle against Covid-19, Singapore has recently imposed further measures and restrictions under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Besides the cessation of dining-in at F&B establishments and limitations for social gathering, work-from-home has become the default, and schools have, too, shifted to full home-based learning. With that said, it is evident that digital technology will continue to play a massive role in ensuring business and education continuity during this time.

However, the inevitable surge in the use of digital technology comes with its own set of caveats. Studies have proven that people blink less significantly when interacting with digital devices – and the lack of blinking often results in eye redness, dryness, strain and irritation. Given the increment in digital engagement and reliance on digital devices, how can individuals combat those symptoms? One way would be to invest in eye drops.

Japanese Eye Drops: How to Pick Out the Best?

Japanese eye drops have quickly gained popularity over the recent years. Not surprisingly, the Japanese place great emphasis on eye health, which led to the innovation of eye drops with advanced formulas. You will find more than a dozen different types of Japanese eye drops, each claiming to do a combination of things, while walking down a pharmaceutical aisle or browsing through an online catalogue. But with so many eye drops available, how do you choose the best one for your precious eyes? The truth is – there is more to choosing eye drops than meets the eye. It is important to know that not every eye drop is designed for the same purpose. First, consider why you need the eye drop. Then, you might want to narrow down your search by browsing through online reviews. In this endeavour, the chances are that you will come across the highly advocated brand, Dorama-Neo.

A Review of Dorama-Neo Eye Drops

What is it that makes Dorama-Neo one of the most sought-after products in the market? We take a look at that below.

Made to Reliably Mimic Human Tears

Formulated with the same components as human tears, Dorama-Neo eye drops supplement and stimulate the natural tear film while providing exceptional comfort. They also contain particles to increase the moisture in your eye for an extended period of time.

Gentle Formulation

Dorama-Neo eye drops are suitable for all eye types as they are made with a gentle formula and natural ingredients that work in tandem. Hence, individuals with sensitive eyes do not need to worry about running the risk of irritation.

Helps to Prevent Eye Diseases

By removing dirt, dust and contaminants that enter the eye, Dorama-Neo eye drops not only help to alleviate any discomfort but also prevents eye diseases.

Simply squeeze one to three drops into each eye as needed or as directed by a physician.

Cooling Effects

With gentle cooling effects, this Japanese eye drop leaves a refreshing sensation after use, providing instant relief for dry and tired eyes.


The cost of eye drops run across a broad spectrum. Retailing at a pocket-friendly price at Sato Pharmaceutical, Dorama-Neo is a winning pick for anyone who is looking for an effective yet affordable solution.

Give your eye the amount of care and attention they need today!

Japanese Eye Drops in Singapore for Red Eye

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Japanese Cooling Eye Drops

Dry and irritated eyes are a common occurrence for those who work on computers or in occupations that require long hours of staring at bright screens. Exposure to dust particles and other allergens can also cause your eyes to feel uncomfortable and scratchy. Sato DORAMA NEO Eye Drop works gently to soothe your eyes and relieve minor irritation. These Japanese cooling eye drops provide cooling relief to irritated and red eyes and are popular in Singapore.


Sato DORAMA NEO Eye Drop

With a formula that is similar to natural tears, Sato DORAMA NEO Eye Drops are able to gently relieve the discomfort of irritated and/or red eyes. This artificial tear-type eye drop product also helps to remove foreign particles such as dirt, contaminants, and dust from the eyes, contributing to the prevention of eye diseases.


Note that individuals using contact lenses will have to remove them before applying these Japanese eye drops. Try it now by shopping for Sato DORAMA NEO Eye Drop online or drop by any of these stores in Singapore. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team today.


More Information

Active Ingredients (per bottle):

Active Ingredients: Sodium Chloride 0.64%, Potassium Chloride 0.13%, Calcium Chloride 0.02%, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.005% is added as a preservative.



For the relief of minor eye irritation due to smog, dust, wind, sun glare, wearing contact lenses, chlorinated water, and overuse of the eyes when driving, reading or watching TV or the computer.


Directions for use:

Squeeze 2 to 3 drops of this sterile solution into each eye as required.



Sato DORAMA NEO Eye Drops Solution 15ml

0.5 fl oz per bottle – $7.50


Place Of Origin:

Made in Japan.