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At Sato Pharmaceutical, our range of Japanese whitening skincare products,
pills and supplements can be taken to combat sun damage, reduce wrinkles and
provide the essential vitamins for skin health.


Christmas is a time for giving, and also the time for you to focus on and give back to yourself. With mask-wearing still being mandatory, it takes more effort to achieve or maintain healthy and clear skin. Here are three ways to take better care of yourself and get clear skin. Shifting focus onto yourself will not only make you feel more confident in your appearance, but you’ll also be ready to take on the holiday festivities with ease.

How to Get Clear Skin?

1. Stay Well Rested

Having enough sleep and staying hydrated are important habits for a healthy body and skin. Staying well-rested allows your body the opportunity to heal itself and prevent wrinkles and sagging. Getting the optimal number of sleeping hours — a minimum of seven hours for adults — does wonder for your skin; skin looks younger and more vibrant.

2. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is an essential nutrient that your body needs to obtain from food or supplements because our bodies do not produce it on their own. Specifically, Vitamins B2 and B6 are essential nutrients not only for your body’s growth, health and performance but also for the skin. These two nutrients help to inhibit sebum secretion. You can get a healthy dose with Japanese Hakubi B tablets, which contain both Vitamin Bs as well as helpful coix seed extract.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for your skin to stay healthy and look flawless. The potent antioxidant properties of Vitamin C reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost collagen production, amongst many other benefits. Although your body does not produce Vitamin C naturally, you can get your daily doses of this essential nutrient with our Hakubi Vitamin C tablet or drink. Incorporating them into your daily lifestyle will lighten your complexion and reduce pigmentation caused by sun exposure.

Benefits of Focusing on Yourself

Taking care of yourself and your skin has many positive benefits!

1. Improved Confidence

Having clear and healthy skin will be a massive boost to your confidence. A great complexion goes a long way in affecting your perception of your own appearance. The more confident you are about yourself, the more you become more attractive to other people as well.

 2. Self-Love

Focusing on yourself this December is also a chance for you to practise self-love. Giving yourself the opportunity to invest the time and effort to heal your body and mind is important for your well-being. We need to stop neglecting ourselves and our skin and choose to give them the attention they deserve.

3. Healthy Body

Your skin is your body’s first line of protection against external bacteria. Dry and irritated skin gets damaged more easily, letting foreign viruses and bacteria into your body where they might cause infection. Therefore, it makes good sense to give adequate attention to your skin and keep that barrier strong and healthy.  Healthy skin also protects you from ultraviolet light that can damage cells.

Get the Best Japanese Vitamins for Yourself

The year-end may seem like another stressful month of the year but you need to keep in mind the importance of slowing down and caring for yourself first. Taking care of your body and skin is not something that should be sacrificed. Incorporating Japanese skin supplements into your daily life is a good start to give your body and skin the nutrients needed. Our Hakubi Series contains the essential nutrients for clear, healthy skin. Remember to rest and hydrate well too!