• Chewable tablets with orange flavor that dissolves in the mouth.
  • Supplements Vitamin C for physical fatigue, replenishes up to 1,500mg per day.
  • Inhibits melanin formation and is effective for skin problems such as spots, freckles and sunburn.

Yunker C – Chewable vitamin C Tablet

Active Ingredients (per 6 tablets): Vitamin C 600mg, Vitamin C Sodium 1,012.3mg (as Vitamin C 900mg), Calcium Pantothenate 30mg

Indications: Demands for Vitamin C supplementation created by physical fatigue, pregnancy or lactation, physical stamina diminished during illness or convalescence, or senility. Alleviates various symptoms of pigmentation due to chloasma, freckles, sunburn or eruptions. Prevention of gingival and nose hemorrhage. [Note: in cases where these symptoms do not improve even after one month of use, consult a physician, pharmacist or dentist].

Directions: Adults (15 years and older): 2 tablets, 1-3 times daily; 11-14 years: 2 tablets, 1-2 times daily; 7-10 years: 1 tablet, 1-3 times daily. May be chewed or dissolved in mouth.