• A mild and effective laxative made with vegetable-based ingredients only.
  • When taken before going to bed, this regulates the functioning of the large intestine without disturbing your sleep, allowing for refreshing bowel action the next morning.
  • The dosage quantity can be finely adjusted according to the severity of constipation.

Active Ingredients (per 1 tablet): Rhubarb 25mg, Aloe 12.5mg, Senna 25mg, Herbal powder as flavour.

Indications: For the relief of constipation

Dosage: Per dose. For adults (12 years and older): 5-12 tabs; children 6 to 12 years: 3-6 tabs; children 4 to 6 years: 2-4 tabs. Use at bedtime. 2 times daily, mornings and evenings. Start initial dosage with minimum dose, then adjust it to suit to bowel condition.