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At Sato Pharmaceutical, our range of Japanese whitening skincare products,
pills and supplements can be taken to combat sun damage, reduce wrinkles and
provide the essential vitamins for skin health.


A consistent skincare routine serves as a strong foundation for healthy, glowing skin. However, it’s not just about putting on sunscreen everyday and the right topical creams, for as the saying goes, beauty starts from within. A good skincare routine combines both cosmetics and vitamin consumption to achieve the best results possible.

Why You Should Complement Cosmetics with Vitamin Consumption

If your topical skincare products aren’t exactly giving you the level of results you’re looking for, it’s because they aren’t meant to. It has long since been proven in both science and practice that ingestible vitamins and supplements can do wonders for your skin when added on as a regular component in your skincare routine alongside cosmetics.

Vitamin consumption can provide your body with what it needs to keep your skin cells healthy, and is especially important as we age in years. When we grow older, many of our naturally occurring vitamins start to deplete, and consumables such as Japanese vitamins and supplements for skin can help replenish this natural loss and support the building blocks of younger-looking, healthier skin. They can also send biochemical signals to our body to trigger natural processes that result in increased production of the proteins and minerals required to keep our skin firm and healthy at the deepest layer.

The Best Vitamins for Healthy and Youthful Skin

But this then begets another question: what vitamins are good for skin? While most vitamins can contribute to an effective skincare routine in one way or another, there are two that are especially important:

Vitamin C

When it comes to skincare, vitamin C is often hailed as the cornerstone vitamin, being an all-rounder supplement that also acts as a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C is photo-protective in nature, allowing protection from sun damage, and its antioxidant characteristics help fight free radical damage and premature aging in skin, including but not limited to pigmentation and early fine lines.

By reducing oxidative stress, vitamin C helps lighten any and all hyperpigmentation spots you may have, and aids in skin renewal to give off that glow of youthfulness that is so highly coveted. The best part? It’s easy to add into your skincare routine as well. At Sato Pharmaceutical, we supply some of the best Japanese vitamins and supplements for skin, including vitamin C products such as our Hakubi White C Skin Enhancer Drink and Hakubi White C Whitening 360 Pills from Japan for convenient consumption.

Vitamin B

The other vital vitamin you should incorporate into your skincare routine is none other than vitamin B, namely B2 and B6.

Vitamin B2, otherwise known as riboflavin, aids in cell turnover and collagen maintenance. In other words, it protects the structural integrity of your skin while reducing any inflammation present and speeding up healing of any blemishes and the likes. Vitamin B2 also encourages mucus sebum secretion, thereby preventing both dryness of skin and excess oil production.

Vitamin B6, also referred to as pyridoxine, is a stress-busting vitamin that helps your body produce serotonin, melatonin, and norepinephrine. This diminishes the effect of hormonal imbalance that can otherwise lead to acne breakouts, while also helping tackle skin inflammation and redness.

In this regard, our Hakubi B Capsules are renowned for their effectiveness, with a pill recipe that includes not only vitamins B2 and B6, but also coix seed extract rich in nutrients and L-cysteine that further boosts skin metabolism and eliminates melanin to promote skin whitening.

Other Supplements You Should Include in Your Skincare Routine

Of course, aside from the best Japanese vitamins in the market, there are also other Japanese supplements for skin that can be greatly beneficial for your skincare routine. Our Hakubi Collagen Drink, for example, contains 10,000mg of hydrolyzed collagen that strengthens your skin and provides it with the elasticity and hydration needed for that healthy glow. Furthermore, it also contains vitamins B2 and B6 for that added oomph in effectiveness.

Shop Sato for The Best Japanese Vitamins and Supplements for Skin

Though inserting these vitamins and minerals into your natural diet is theoretically possible, it is a difficult thing to achieve and can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome. That is why skincare experts recommend supplements,  vitamin drinks and pills to make up for any mineral or vitamin deficiency that can arise from an orthodox diet.

Sato Pharmaceutical provides the best Japanese vitamins and supplements for skin in and beyond Singapore. Shop Sato today to incorporate vitamin consumption into your skincare routine, and experience firsthand the enormous difference it can make.