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At Sato Pharmaceutical, our range of Japanese whitening skincare products,
pills and supplements can be taken to combat sun damage, reduce wrinkles and
provide the essential vitamins for skin health.


Franz Kafka, a renowned novelist, once said, “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” Indeed, age is just a number and beauty is only skin-deep. How, then, can we keep ageing in check and hold on to beauty’s light for as long as we can?

For centuries, humans have tried all sorts of ways to reverse the ageing process. Whether it is trying out healthy foods for improving bad skin conditions or turning to harsher measures such as going under the knife, it seems like we just can’t deal with looking past our age.

Ageing gracefully is not just about looking a decade younger, however. Like a bottle of aged wine, it is about living the best life possible – both inside and out. Those who are able to come to terms with the clock can then look forward to creating a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Signs of Ageing on the Skin

One of the early signs of ageing is changes in the skin; both your face and body:

  • Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. First appearing as fine lines around the outer corner of the eyes or around the cheeks, wrinkles are one of the earliest signs of ageing. Hyperpigmentation can also occur as the body produces more melanin.
  • Loss of elasticity and volume. As fatty tissue beneath the skin decreases, and the skin becomes drier, you’ll notice the skin sagging a little more.
  • Loss of density. Density is not just seen in the bones. As we age, loss of density manifests itself on the surface as thinner and weaker skin. This can cause the skin to look less radiant and duller.

How to Look Young and Have Healthy Skin

If some or all of the above sound familiar, don’t fret. Here are some things you can do that will help you age well:

1. Embrace your age

Ageing is a natural human process which everyone will experience. Successful and graceful ageing involves accepting that you grow older each year – and loving it. Start by picking up new hobbies or developing old ones.

Let go of society’s notions and just focus on building a positive outlook and stay young at heart. Learning to love how you look makes you feel better, and when you feel better you’ll naturally look more radiant on the outside.

2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise and a healthy diet goes a long way in keeping your body youthful. Incorporate some physical activities in your daily routine, and opt for healthier dishes and snacks. Allow yourself to have a treat every now and then as a reward for doing so well – you deserve it!

Take daily supplements like the Hakubi White C Tablets, our signature Japanese Vitamin C tablets or Hakubi White C Drink, our popular Vitamin C drink. Formulated in Japan, they deliver strong antioxidant effects to keep your skin free from spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation.

Our Japanese collagen supplements such as the Hakubi Collagen Drink from Japan also contain nutritional vitamins that promote healthier and radiant skin from within to slow down the ageing process.

3. Stay away from beauty fads

The social media space is filled with beauty fads that come and go, and it can be overwhelming to most of us. Some tips and tricks can even be dangerous – like doing high frequency facials at home . Instead, opt for tried-and-tested methods or brands like Sato Pharmaceuticals which offers products that are reputable and backed by scientific research.

4. Mental health matters

When we are happy, our blood pressure decreases and heart health improves. Keep an open and positive mind to help you tackle the stressors in life. Spending time with friends and family to build meaningful relationships, and doing things you enjoy can also help to keep your mental health in check.

Loving Your Skin

Singapore is a humid and sunny country, which makes it even harder for us to care and protect our skin.

At Sato Pharmaceuticals, you’ll find a wide range of products developed through revolutionary Japanese technology and practices backed by science. These supplements can be taken to reduce wrinkles, improve skin conditions and bring necessary nutrients back into your skin and body.

The best way to love your skin is not just by slapping on pots of anti ageing serums or creams on its surface, it is also to protect it from within.

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