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How do we get body pains?

Body pain, especially the all-too-common back pain, is as prevalent in Singapore as the ubiquitous smartphone. Despite breakthroughs in ergonomic designs and our smartwatches’ relentless reminders to stay active, many are searching for the best body pain medicine or effective ways on how to relieve back pain.

Decoding Body Pain

In its many forms, body pain can disrupt our daily routines and diminish our quality of life. Much like a well-oiled machine, our body needs upkeep. Body pain can be as diverse as the activities we engage in and the lifestyles we lead. From the shoes we wear to the way we sleep, multiple factors can contribute.

Even with the best of care and exercise, it is not uncommon for individuals to be afflicted with muscle or back pains due to some common reasons.

1. Repetitive postures:

Most modern careers in Singapore often tether us to our desks, increasing the chances of back pain. We simply sit too often. Poor posture, lack of movement, or incorrect exercises can exacerbate this. Our bodies are not meant to be sedentary.

It also does not help that many are glued to their phones outside of work. Small screens necessitate slouching or the craning of the neck and these bad postures will wreck havoc on the neck muscles.

2. Injuries:

Accidents can be a source of lingering discomfort, prompting many to find ways on how to relief muscle or back pain effectively. A lack of post-injury care is often the culprit. Physiotherapy is not to be skipped since it will help your body readapt and realign back to its normal self. It also does not help that some will jump back into vigorous exercise, post-injury. The body needs time to heal and we should not stress an injury before it has a chance to recover.

3. Pre-existing health issues:

Chronic diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis can escalate constant body pain. And it is not just physical illness alone. Mental stress such as depression, anxiety or even being overworked can manifest itself as physical pain. When an unexplainable pain occurs and lingers for more than a day, a trip to the doctor is advised.

4. Aging:

Time waits for no man and certainly spares no one. It also bears ill tidings. As the years pass, it is natural for our joints and muscles to ache more. Age-related muscular atrophy can also make the body more sensitive to pain or more prone to injury.

However, while we understand what can cause pain and actively seek to manage it, it is essential to be wary of quick fixes. For more persistent aches, seek long-term solutions. For example, regular applications of our Kenzen hot pads together with regular exercise and good posture will yield superior results for some types of chronic pain.

Pain might be a part of life, but enduring it is not. Prioritize wellness today for a brighter, pain-free tomorrow.