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At Sato Pharmaceutical, our range of Japanese whitening skincare products,
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5 Tips on How to Store Vitamins and Supplements

It’s crucial to know how to properly store vitamins and supplements, such as Vitamin C and collagen supplements, when investing in them to nourish and maintain healthy skin. Improper storage of any vitamins and supplements could result in them losing their potency and effectiveness. In some cases, it can even harm your health.

At Satopharm, we always encourage the proper storage of our products so that you can reap the benefits of our products and ensure safety with every use. Here are helpful tips on how to safely keep your vitamin C and collagen supplements.

1. Store Them in a Cool, Dry Place

Heat and moisture are the main factors that could cause your vitamin C and collagen supplements to degrade quickly. Therefore, make sure to store them in a cool and dry place so that they remain safe for use and effective in keeping your skin healthy. The best place to store your supplements is in a cabinet or a drawer away from any heat source, like windows, vents, ovens, and heat pipes. 

2. Make Sure to Check the Storage Instructions

Other than having a list of ingredients for your  vitamin C and collagen supplements, the label stuck onto the back of the packaging can also give you specific instructions on how to store them. Some supplements, like our Hakubi White C Drink, may discourage you from transferring the contents to other containers as it may cause the supplement to lose its potency or promote misuse. Similarly, other supplements may have special storage instructions, so you should always read the label.

3. Check the Expiry Date

This might be a given, but most vitamins and supplements come with an expiry date, and it’s crucial that you check them before consumption. Expired supplements can lose their potency and, in some cases, could be hazardous to your health — you would not want your collagen supplement causing more harm than acting as a fountain of youth, would you? If you see that your vitamins and supplements are past their expiry date, dispose of them appropriately and buy a fresh bottle. 

4. Avoid Storing Them in the Bathroom

You may think storing your vitamin C and collagen supplements in the bathroom is a good idea since you’ll have all your self-care essentials within reach. However, the shower room is a place filled with moisture and humidity, which can compromise your supplements’ potency and effectiveness. Make sure to find a cool and dry area in your home to store them instead. 

5. Keep Them Away from Children and Pets

As much as possible, keep your vitamins and supplements in an area out of reach from young children or pets. This should be done to avoid the possibility of your pet or toddler ingesting supplements in large quantities, which could be harmful to their health. 

Store Your Supplements from Satopharm the Right Way

Satopharm believes that the best way to promote health and well-being is not only by providing quality vitamin C and collagen supplements but also through their safe use. That’s why products from our Hakubi series, like our Hakubi Collagen Drink and our Hakubi White C tablet, have visible storage instructions and expiry dates to ensure proper consumption. 

Enjoy the benefits of our vitamin C and collagen tablets and drinks in Singapore when you purchase them online today. See our previous blog to learn more about the benefits of vitamin C for body health and how collagen can help your skin.